Friday, June 17, 2011

Close to you.

"Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near
Just like me, they long to be, close to you." The Carpenters

I have had so much cause the past 6 days to be grateful and amazed at the love and resilience of my little family.

We were meant to head off to Queensland last Sunday for a 5 day Family Holiday, but as you will have learnt in my previous blog, an insidious ash cloud from Chile put those plans into chaos. Early hours of Sunday morning after hours of 'on hold' with the airline, we were finally re booked for Tuesday. The airline were happy to change our return date at no extra charge and our accommodation did likewise.

Monday was spent trying to maintain an air of, "it'll be OK". We watched some movies, did a bit of extra cleaning, read, facebooked, rode around on the scooter and told ourselves that we would be on that plane tomorrow.
                                 Late Monday night the dreaded happened.

The text message, "Due to a volcanic ash cloud moving across Australia, Jetstar regrets to inform you that your flight tomorrow has been cancelled..."

Another few hours on the phone and we decided to cancel the trip altogether. School was starting back on Monday and we didn't have the luxury of extending the school holidays any longer. So, except for some 'extras' we were (rather will be) given a refund. Our accommodation deposit isn't refunded but we have been promised a 'good deal' when we rebook later in the year.

Come Tuesday and all feeling a bit low, we  wondered what exactly we should do considering we weren't heading to the warm end of the Country. We were painfully aware of what we were all going to miss out on...

By far Roscoe's most favourite ride when we were there in January.

Our very dear friend, Gina Scott, from Platypus Park, Bridport offered us an awesome deal and our darling friend Richard wanted us to stay with him, but we had a Family Meeting and decided to stay home and have a 'Not A Queensland Holiday, Holiday.' And I am ever so glad we did.

For the next 4 days we acted like we weren't at home but actually 'somewhere away'. The domestic chores - washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, were in no way chores as they were part of our 'adventure'. We all stayed up late and slept late. Did naughty things like eat chips in bed watching movies and played endless games of Uno. We laughed, talked, explored, shared and enjoyed each others company.

Tuesday - Mt Wellington

Wednesday - Ice Skating

Thursday - Bowling

Friday - Hobart Aquatic Centre
We also ventured out each day and did an activity in Hobart that we often don't do because we are usually just too damn busy.

Another bonus to our holiday is that we now have a whole list of 'to do' in future... looking forward to our occasional free weekend days and bring on the September holidays.

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